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You can choose to adapt your hand to the grip of your comb or brush. 

Or you can decide to let your comb and your brush conform to the unique structure of your hand.

In this second case, Boltina allows you to make a cast of your handle, on which your very personal product will then be created.

To have "your personal" comb or your brush, all you have to do is ask Boltina to send you a special soft paste, and follow the simple instructions you will receive.

Within a few weeks your unique piece will be ready and will be delivered to your home.

CHF ---

Instructions for realizing Your Cast

  1. Open the dough received for the cast, knead it with your hand for a few minutes until it reaches a soft consistency.

  2. Recompose the approximate shape of a handle, oversizing its volumes.

  3. Tighten the dough with your elected hand, in the most natural position possible, until you obtain the mold of your handle.

  4. Heat the cast in the oven at 140 degrees for 10 minutes, until the cast hardens.

  5. Send the cast in a closed envelope, protected into a pluriball leaf or envelop.

  6. We will contact you upon receipt of the cast.

Make your own Comb or Brush!

Thanks for submitting!

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